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Aldi: our lives are worth more than your profit. Every transport worker in your supply chain – like the trucks delivering your goods - are your responsibility. Do the right thing and work with transport workers for safer roads and stronger communities.

Aldi, you’re lowering the transport game

Transport workers know how important safety is to our communities. Unfortunately, Aldi would rather silence them in a court case than listen to their safety concerns.

Every year hundreds of people die on our roads in truck-related accidents. This is caused by big companies – like Aldi – cutting costs in their contracts.

This squeeze is sweating drivers forcing us to work longer and harder with little chance to take a break or do maintenance, all while many of us struggle to put food on the table when we finally get back home.

But transport workers won’t let this carnage continue. Coles and Woolworths are doing the right thing by working with transport workers through our union, the TWU, to address issues in their supply chains for everyone who carries for them.

But, Aldi is refusing to take any responsibility. Aldi claims to be a good company, so why doesn’t it do the right thing and work with us to save lives on our roads?